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Our Team

Our veterinary team works together to provide the best care possible for Huntsville companion animals. 

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Hospital Manager

Kimberly Greenway #1

Kimberly Greenway

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Kimberly began working as a veterinary technician at Whitesburg Animal Hospital in 1998. She is now in charge of the practice. Kim was instrumental in the formation of the Veterinary Technician and Practice Managers Association of North Alabama, and she is a member of the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association as well as the American Animal Hospital Association.

Kim has two dogs: Jessie Jane, a dachshund/chihuahua mix, and Dot Holiday, a pit/boxer mix. Birdie Woodstock and Jon Snow are her two grand-puppies. She enjoys camping, kayaking, reading, movies, and quilting in her spare time, but most of all, she enjoys spending time with her family.

Lead Receptionist

Mandi Hale #1

Mandi Hale

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Mandi Hale has been working with animals since 2003 and is a member of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). She became the Whitesburg Animal Hospital's lead customer service representative in 2007.

Mandi has a Maine Coon cat named Butters at home. She enjoys traveling with her husband when she is not working. She also likes to cook and host crawfish boils for her friends and family. Mandi values her family above all else, and she spends the majority of her free time with them.


Shannon DeVault #1

Shannon DeVault

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Rachel Hooker #1

Rachel Hooker

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Alexandria Jones #1

Alexandria Jones

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Monica Pience #1

Monica Pience

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Melissa Steele #1

Melissa Steele

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MacKenzie McDaniel #1

MacKenzie McDaniel

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Licensed Veterinary Technicians

Jessica Rader #1

Jessica Rader

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Elizabeth Lambert #1

Elizabeth Lambert

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Bridget McDerby #1

Bridget McDerby

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Caitlyn Duncan #1

Caitlyn Duncan

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Shea Baker #1

Shea Baker

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Veterinary Assistants

Tara Brazier #1

Tara Brazier

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Will Armstrong #1

Will Armstrong

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Sydney Woodring #1

Sydney Woodring

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Tamika Walker-Hill #1

Tamika Walker-Hill

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Kylie Carpenter #1

Kylie Carpenter

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Josh Pickle #1

Josh Pickle

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Leah Taylor #1

Leah Taylor

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Maddie Marr #1

Maddie Marr

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Brandon Holland #1

Brandon Holland

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Kennel Attendants

Heather Scott #1

Heather Scott

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Clifford Mosley #1

Clifford Mosley

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Alisha Ortiz #1

Alisha Ortiz

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Deanta Mattle #1

Deanta Mattle

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Whitney Thrower #1

Whitney Thrower

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Devin Hudson-Gray #1

Devin Hudson-Gray

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Megan Thompson #1

Megan Thompson

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Kristin Cogswell #1

Kristin Cogswell

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Luke Miller #1

Luke Miller

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Hannah Gwathney #1

Hannah Gwathney

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Connor Gardner #1

Connor Gardner

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Lead Enrichment Attendant

Adrienne Lanza #1

Adrienne Lanza

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Adrienne Lanza began working as a kennel attendant at Whitesburg Animal Hospital in October 2006. Her enthusiasm for the expanding doggy daycare program led her to become the lead enrichment attendant.

Adrienne has four spoiled pets: two mixed-breed dogs named Luna and Indy, and two lazy cats named Birthday and Tonks. She enjoys reading, traveling, collecting vintage records, and spending time with her family in her spare time.

Enrichment Attendants

Emily Wagner #1

Emily Wagner

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Jackie Lawson #1

Jackie Lawson

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Taylor Ward #1

Taylor Ward

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New Patients Welcome

Whitesburg Animal Hospital is accepting new patients! Our experienced vets are passionate about the health of Huntsville companion animals. Get in touch today to book your pet's first appointment.

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